PATH Riding To The Top

Enhancing health and wellness through equine assisted activities and therapies

If our volunteers are the heart of RTT, then the horses are the soul of RTT. With our crew of four legged partners we are able to serve over 100 clients each session. Our horses are chosen for their temperaments, sizes and skills. Above all they have to love people and be very good at their work. Each member of our herd brings a special personality to their work and we do our best to match our clients and horses to make winning teams.



Zeus is a Spotted Draft gelding (a cross between a Percheron and a Paint) He is our largest horse standing at 16.1 hands tall. He was born in 1994.His sweet disposition along with his large build and smooth gates make him on of the most reliable members of our herd.


Andy is a Haflinger pony and was born in 1999. He came to RTT in the Spring of 2011 and although new to his work here he is often waiting at the gate, ready for his next lesson. He stands 14 hands tall and is a versatile addition to the RTT herd.


Luke is a 13.3 hand Haflinger gelding born in 1994. He has loads of experience as a therapeutic riding mount, including work on lead, off lead, doing interactive vaulting and driving. His versatility makes him a favorite among our riders and instructors.


Mattie is a 14.1 hand Welsh Cob mare, born in 1991. She came to RTT in 2010 and is a sweet horse with easy going movement. Prior to RTT, Mattie was active in a lesson program, in addition to having seven foals over the years!


Firefly is a 1992 Newfoundland Pony gelding, who measures 13.1 hands. Firefly is rock solid and unflappable under any conditions. He is incredibly gentle and patient and nothing seems to bother him. A true gem of a therapy pony!


Orion is a chestnut with a star and four white socks and measures 15 hands tall. He is a 1990 Quarter horse gelding and joined the RTT herd in April 2004. He goes either English or Western and is a great mount for budding independent riders.


Poki is a Miniature horse and stands only 8 hands tall! He is the farm’s official ambassador greeting everyone who arrives at the farm in his centrally located paddock. In addition, Poki travels to parades in a car! He doesn't do mounted work, but is great for ground lessons, where clients who cannot ride work on leading skills or hand grazing him around the farm.


Babe is a pretty little bay mare. She is a Morgan Cross who was born in 1993 and is 14 hands high. She is very sweet with great gaits and is a wonderful teacher for our riders.

Doc is our very handsome grey Quarter Horse gelding. He was born in 2002 and is 15 hands tall. He has a very kind disposition and rock solid gates.